Interface ShortRateVolatilityModelCalibrateable

All Superinterfaces:
Serializable, ShortRateVolatilityModel
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractShortRateVolatilityModelParametric, ShortRateVolatilityModelPiecewiseConstant

public interface ShortRateVolatilityModelCalibrateable extends ShortRateVolatilityModel
Interface for covariance models which may perform a calibration by providing the corresponding getCloneCalibrated-method.
Christian Fries
  • Method Details

    • getCloneCalibrated

      ShortRateVolatilityModelCalibrateable getCloneCalibrated(ShortRateModel calibrationModel, CalibrationProduct[] calibrationProducts, Map<String,Object> calibrationParameters) throws CalculationException
      Performs a calibration of the model by trying to match a given vector of calibration product to a given vector of target values using a given vector of weights. Optional calibration parameters may be passed using the map calibrationParameters. The keys are (Strings):
      • brownianMotion: Under this key an object implementing BrownianMotion may be provided. If so, this Brownian motion is used to build the valuation model.
      • maxIterations: Under this key an object of type Integer may be provided specifying the maximum number of iterations.
      • accuracy: Under this key an object of type Double may be provided specifying the desired accuracy. Note that this is understood in the sense that the solver will stop if the iteration does not improve by more than this number.
      calibrationModel - The LIBOR market model to be used for calibrations (specifies forward curve and tenor discretization).
      calibrationProducts - The array of calibration products.
      calibrationParameters - A map of type Map<String, Object> specifying some (optional) calibration parameters.
      A new parametric model of the same type than this one, but with calibrated parameters.
      CalculationException - Thrown if calibration has failed.