Class EvolutionOfCarbonConcentration

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public class EvolutionOfCarbonConcentration extends Object implements TriFunction<Integer,CarbonConcentration3DScalar,Double,CarbonConcentration3DScalar>
The evolution of the carbon concentration M with a given emission E \( \mathrm{d}M(t) = \left( \Gamma_{M} M(t) + E(t) \right) \mathrm{d}t \). The unit of \( M \) is GtC (Gigatons of Carbon). The evolution is modelled as \( \mathrm{d}M(t) = \left( \Gamma_{M} M(t) + E(t) \right) \mathrm{d}t \right). With the given TimeDiscretization it is approximated via an Euler-step \( M(t_{i+1}) = \Phi M(t_{i}) + unitConversion \cdot E(t_{i}) \Delta t_{i} \) where \( \Phi = (1 + \Gamma_{M} \Delta t_{i}) \). Note: the emission E are in GtCO2/year while the carbon concentration is in M GtC. Unit conversions
  • 1 t Carbon = 3.666 t CO2
Christian Fries