Class BusinessdayCalendarExcludingTARGETHolidays

    • Constructor Detail

      • BusinessdayCalendarExcludingTARGETHolidays

        public BusinessdayCalendarExcludingTARGETHolidays()
        Create TARGET business day calendar.
      • BusinessdayCalendarExcludingTARGETHolidays

        public BusinessdayCalendarExcludingTARGETHolidays​(BusinessdayCalendar baseCalendar)
        Create TARGET business day calendar using a given business day calendar as basis.
        baseCalendar - Calendar of business days.
    • Method Detail

      • isBusinessday

        public boolean isBusinessday​(LocalDate date)
        Description copied from interface: BusinessdayCalendar
        Test if a given date is a businessday.
        date - The given date.
        True, if the given date is a businessday, otherwise false.
      • isEasterSunday

        public static boolean isEasterSunday​(LocalDate date)
        Test a given date for being easter sunday. The method uses the algorithms sometimes cited as Meeus,Jones, Butcher Gregorian algorithm. Taken from
        date - The date to check.
        True, if date is easter sunday.