Class FIPXMLParser

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    public class FIPXMLParser
    extends Object
    implements XMLParser
    Class for parsing trades saved in FIPXML to product descriptors.
    Christian Fries, Roland Bachl
    • Constructor Detail

      • FIPXMLParser

        public FIPXMLParser()
        Construct the parser with default parameters. I.e. agent is buyer. Name of discount curve will be taken from file.
      • FIPXMLParser

        public FIPXMLParser​(boolean agentIsBuyer,
                            String discountCurveName)
        Construct the parser.
        agentIsBuyer - Boolean indicating whether valuation is done from the buyers perspective.
        discountCurveName - Name of the discount curve to be assigned to the descriptor. If set to null or left blank the parser will try to determine this from the file.