Getting started

Some experiments on this site use Java JShell started from a Maven project as a starting point.

There are several options on how you can start that JShell.


To checkout the project you need git.

Running from a Command Shell (macOS: Terminal, Windows: Cmd.exe)

Checkout the finmath-experiments project from its Git repository and run it via Maven

This assumes that you have Git installed on your machine.
  1. Open a command shell
  2. Type mkdir git (to create a folder git, if you do not have one)
  3. Type cd git (to enter your git folder)
  4. Next, clone (i.e. download) the repository (git), change to the cloned directory (cd) and start jshell via Maven (mvn) by typing the following three commands:
Terminal Window

				git clone        
				cd finmath-experiments
Note: If mvnw fails, try ./mvnw on Linux, macOS or .\mvnw on Windows. Alternatively, if you Maven installed run mvn.

Running from a Eclipse

You may also directly run the JShell experiments from Ecplise. To do so:

Where to continue

You may continue with